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Originally hailing from both Karachi, Pakistan, and Chicago, IL, DJ Scoop has woven his global roots into the rich tapestry of Houston's dynamic DJ scene for over three decades. His career has taken him across continents, spinning tunes at a multitude of events that resonate with audiences worldwide. Specializing in an eclectic mix of Mainstream Dance, House, Pop,Hip-Hop, Bollywood, and International Music, DJ Scoop's artistry knows no bounds as he seamlessly merges genres from diverse cultures, earning him acclaim as an international sensation and mastering the art of the open format DJing

From pulsating clubs to chic lounges, bustling restaurants to elegant hotels, and cozy cafes to expansive festival stages, DJ Scoop's electrifying sets have left an indelible mark on audiences everywhere. With his past resume that includes working for industry giants like iHeartRadio (ormerly known as (Clear Channel Communications), RadioTunes formerly known as (SkyFM) based in UK, and The Slammin' Show which was based in the Bay Area, along with his impactful work in marketing and promotions for major and independent record labels, DJ Scoop's influence transcends mere entertainment.

Currently, DJ Scoop spins at various events in collaboration with  Karma DJs USA, he also records many mashups, and non-stop mixes which includes the Global Mixshow, "#Bollyctro," dedicated to the Bollywood Electronic Sounds.  DJ Scoop continues to elevate the airwaves with his infectious energy, while also gracing various online radio stations worldwide with his guest mixes. Dive into the immersive world of DJ Scoop by tuning in to his podcast titled "DJ Scoop Radio" on Apple Podcasts for a taste of his dynamic mixes, or join the pulsating rhythm of his exhilarating live stream sessions on Twitch, where every beat becomes an experience.


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